/var/lib/mlocate almost 15G

Some times your machine may occupy loads of space under /var, Due to files created under  /var/lib/mlocate directory.

If you have lots and lots of files on your machine, you may want to consider pruning some paths from the database. You can do this in /etc/updatedb.conf under PRUNEPATHS. You can also prune file systems (like nfs, if you so desire).

fuse.sshfs can be added to PRUNEFS in /etc/updatedb.conf. This should have exclueded sshfs lookups

cat /etc/updatedb.conf  –> [entries in this file should be like this..]

PRUNEFS = “auto afs gfs gfs2 iso9660 sfs udf  fuse.sshfs
PRUNEPATHS = “/afs /media /net /sfs /tmp /udev /var/spool/cups /var/spool/squid /var/tmp”

By impavan